Integrated SMS

Text message technology on a new level.

Real-time chat

On any device or any carrier, SMS chats between your visitors and the platform are done in real-time.

Integrated profile

SMS communication is deeply integrated with a visitor profile, a check-in visitation log and a historical communication archive.

Fully configurable

You can control the automated messages. What they say, set different messages for different days of the week and even how often they should be sent.

Pre-made responses included

You can also respond with a choice of well-written pre-made canned responses for any situation. Communication scripts tailored for any event.

Designed to Communicate

The SMS gateway provides a seamless integration between Repticity and your visitors phone, knowing the most commonly used personal device is a mobile phone; we built a powerful chat engine for you to be able to engage in real-time from your portal with your visitors. Collect feedback, thank supporters, market and connect with real people who visited your facility in real time. You will automatically be fed insights that only your real visitors can provide you. Discover it here first, before it goes on a public channel.

Not your Typical Chat

The SMS chat gateway supports all mobile devices, regardless of carrier. We provide full automation at the engagement level, where every visitor to your facility is engaged and asked about their experience. Built in alerts and triggers give you the information collected, when it is needed. In addition there are many other features, such as the built-in pre-made messages that are personalized and designed for the visitor. It is simple, powerful and fun to use.

Virtual Tour

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