Phone Features

Quality assurance just got better.

Call Recording

Every call traveling through our app is recorded and safely attaches to the caller profile. Calls can be heard direct or downloaded in MP3/WAV formats.

Automated Surveys

After each call, an automated SMS is sent to collect feedback about the caller's experience on the recent call that took place.

Empower Reviews

We apply the same identifying automation to phone call surveys as we do to SMS experience surveys, identifying satisfied customers who are likely to leave a great review.

Full Communication Solution

All calls and SMS communications are easily accessed on a particular profile, unifying all correspondence so you can be organized and find things quicker, easier.

Enhance your phone

The Repticity Phone solution adds a powerful voice communication peice to match our intelligent SMS engine. Every call made through our network to a number you forward to will provide additional features that your phone company can not offer. Integrated profile matching call recording and automated surveys will help you discover issues and data to resolve them.

"U" in Unified Communication

Combining the intelligent AI of our SMS engine with a voice solution provides a complete unified solution to a communications gap between your facility and the public. The self-powered review generation workflow and identifying satisfaction rates based on calls and SMS messages will change the way you approach quality assurance.

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