Visitor Management

Know who was there, when they came and how they felt.

Powered by Visitors

Your visitors provide critical insights about your facility, Repticity provides you a way of getting them. All of them.

Feedback that Matters

Discover issues, problems and other complexities quickly before they become difficult to handle.

Power in Numbers

Discover who came on what day, visitation frequency and experience ratings at a glance.

Path to Success

Building powerful connections on a personal level will yield high satisfaction results and powerful reviews.

Know now, and know quickly

The Repticity Visitors page provides a window to every interaction between a visitor or guest at your facility and the facility itself. You can view every single visitor on a particular day or time, analyze your entries, analyze volume and satisfaction rates as well as maintain a clean, digital log of all visits so you can always find who came to visit, when they visited and more.

Real-time data

The application updates in real-time with visitor check-ins, giving you instant access to the latest statistics on your facility. Discovering if you are short-staffed or staffed with the wrong staff is a small capability compared to the overall functions this information can bring to your facility. Each visitor has a unique profile and specific notes, tags, tabs and a view that you can manage.

Virtual Tour

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