Guest and Visitor Management

An all-in-one solution for guest and visitor management with unique profiles, communication history and digital visit log.

Integrated Communication

Universal carrier SMS gateway allows for automated and real-time chat capabilities between you and your guests.

Online Review Management

Monitor over 10 different review sites for your brand and use our smart automation agent to get more reviews from satisfied visitors.

All-in-One Solution

Where Technology meets Innovation

We re-invented the approach to successful visitor and guest management. Our kiosk is tied to a rich and robust dashboard that provides you a complete picture of each visitor in an instant. The automated logic processing engages each visitor and collects feedback with the highest return rate in the market.


Numbers & Analytics

View your facility like never before
The insights provided by our platform with its features will allow you to better manage, operate and know in-depth information presented in beautiful sections that are easy to understand and use.
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Changing everything you know about
Guest Management

We take today's most advanced technology in communication, add a touch of innovation and creativity to deliver the most comprehensive guest and facility management solution.
You've never seen anything like it.

Get the App

Download our companion app on your mobile phone today to see who's in you building, view and search guest profiles, SMS directly with your guests using your Repticity Mobile phone number and use our integrated review marketing features! Now available to all Repticity customers.


Want to see more?

Pictures are nice, but nothing beats seeing this platform work live. Schedule a free, no-obligation tour and demonstration of how our platform works today.

We will provide you with a web meeting calendar invite at a time of your choosing to walk you through the features and demonstrate how the platform works right on your cellphone.

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  • Images of the iPad Pro Kiosk
  • The dashboard's pages and features
  • A simulation with you as a visitor
  • Engagement and response features
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  • Online reviews management features
  • Employee hub features
  • Integration options with your system
  • Answers to any of your questions
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*Demos require about 15 to 20 minutes, you must have access to a computer in order to view the presenter's screen. You can invite as many people as you'd like to join as well, we enjoy hearing feedback and suggestions of others.

Fully Automated Engagement

Our technology provides a fully automated solution for engagement, as a visitor or guest leave your facility the platform automatically communicates to collect data and feedback.

Powered by Feedback

The most commonly used computer and most personal device is the cell phone. The return rate on feedback requested is higher than any postcard, e-mail or handout given.

Why choose a unified platform?

Save Money

Our unified platform provides the service comparable to as many as five providers, spanning from Social Media to Customer Care.

Save Time

With real-time results, there is no need to wait for any person(s) to provide information. Almost no effort is required to provide exceptional service.

Real Reviews

Work smart instead of just working hard to get great public exposure and online reviews that can put you on the map as a five-star facility. (Google yourself)

Making a Difference

Perhaps the most important reason for using our platform, learn from your visitor's feedback to improve your facility.

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